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"Reprogramming the Mind and Body" Part 6: The "Skinny on Fat"...

I have been listening to the top experts on the new revelations on fat, and how we have falsely vilified the use of fat in our diets for the past 50 years. We have been duped by the Big companies about how certain fats cause heart disease and other health issues.

Now this is not to say go out and eat all the fat you want, that debate is still out. There is so much information out there that has been said regarding fat in our diet, and now some of the new information says we should be getting certain good fats in our diet, but one can still find conflicting information and make things very unclear.

So with my understanding on health at this time, I think that yes we need some fats, but just what kind and how much?

Let me try and dispel some myths. Certain hormones such as estrogen and testosterone in our body need certain good fats to function properly. So what is a healthy fat?

Well avocados, nuts and seeds, chia, and hemp are some of the good ones that can be incorporated into our daily diet. Then we have olive oil and coconut oil but we should be careful how we use these. Oils such as olive oil and even unrefined coconut oils have a very low heat point and therefore are not good to be cooking with on high temperatures or at all. The heating process destroys the good omega three fatty acids and can turn them rancid. So instead you should use those to drizzle over a salad to help the body breakdown the nutrients you may be having.

So this is just a small bit of information to help you to better understand how to use fats to better your health. Again with so much conflicting information, it is no wonder people remain confused.

We have so many options with different ways of eating, but I am a firm believer that a plant based diet covers most of the bases we need.

Now that doesn't mean go cold turkey vegan, but slowly starting to remove some of the large amounts of animal protein we consume can help stop some of the chronic inflammation and help our bodies remain in a more healthy state. That said, your protein should be the condiment, and the majority should be plants.

So getting back to fats, we need to be mindful of what and how much fat we consume. Even the so called experts can't seem to agree just how much we need. I think every person is different, so my feeling is that if we can get good sources of plant fats (monounsaturated) I think we will be O.K. and avoid the highly refined oils like canola oil, cotton seed oil and vegetable oils that have been show to cause inflammation in the body.

I will continue to do more research on this and other topics, to try and bring you information that will help you make the right choices for bettering your health.

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Your Coach in Health,


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