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"Reprogramming the Mind" Part 4 "Conflicting Information on Diet"

Reading another book on Plant Based nutrition, and yet I still find conflicting information.

It talks about a mostly vegan diet, and then they throw in some oil and other things that seem very contradictory. From some of the information I have read, we have not had this much processed oil really ever in our human existence. Well I can hear it now...but what about olive oil. That is a good question, because even that was not used by everyone, but yes olive oil has been around for centuries.

Now we have coconut oil, avocado oil and others that are man made and processed that never would have been found in existence. So why do we now think these things are so good for us and our health.

With diet, I understand that we do need some fat as our bodies use it for energy, but again we would never find processed oil in the wild. So how did we get the fat that we needed. Well it comes back to basics, nuts and seeds, with some occasional animal that we would have caught or hunted. But there again lies an important question, we didn't always have it,(animal protein) yet we survived.

As one of my favorite Dr's says " Our bodies are self healing and self regulating". So, our bodies know how to utilize the fat that we may have stored to make sure the proper organs get the fat that it needs.

So I find myself in a place of confusion about diet. I feel that if we follow that example, we would not be eating anything that was processed. That means things in a box that man made to sit on a shelf. We would be eating mostly plants, fruit, nuts and seeds, and occasionally meat.

This seems to make the most sense to me at this time.

So after all of the latest diet trends, it comes back to basics. Eat things that are real and not in a box, and make sure you move more. I think that your body will regulate, and you will find that eating more plant based meals will be the answer.

Just another question to ask yourself about just what works best for you.

Your Coach in Health,


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