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"Reprogramming the Mind" Part 3.. "Food and the current state of health in the US&

I would like to start off with talking about all of the madness we have been experiencing these past few years, and more importantly few months.

Seems that the world is not quite right, and I think that part of it stems from our food. As I see commercial after commercial about toxic products that are being sold to our children and adults, is it no wonder people feel so poorly.

I read a recent study about how 1 out of 2 children already have some type of damage to their bodies. There is incredible stress through school and pressure to be this perfect somebody. And on top of that the processed food that is being consumed is not helping at all and causing all kinds of hormonal issues.

The toxins start building up at an early age and we just don't realize it until a tragedy happens. We need to take control of our health and get our children well, as they are our future.

As I see things now, our young people might not make it to old age, and if they do they are going to be on so many medications their lives will be nothing.

We can stop this now by educating people on how taking simple steps such eating good food can bring back a great quality of life. It can balance our bodies and bring light back to our souls.

Now is the time we need to step up and understand that these big companies really don't want us healthy because then they will not make any money. Their main goal is to make money, to keep us in this state of perpetual sickness, and to give us drug after drug for each new thing that is wrong with us. But, we can change that, and we must if we are to have the lives we were meant to have and deserve.

We may not all want to be super athletes, but knowing that you will be self sufficient into old age and have proper function is what I strive for.

So let's do our best to get out more and move, enjoy this incredible gift of a planet we live on. Enjoy our families and friends and help others in our day.

Together we can do this and we will all be better off for it.

Your Coach in Health,


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