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"Reprogramming the Mind" Detox and the reason it is important to our overall Health. Part

We acquire toxins from our environment by breathing them in, by ingestion, and physical contact. Everyday we are exposed to new and stronger chemicals. We use more drugs, eat more sugar and refined foods, and use more tobacco and alcohol to help us relieve our stress levels. So from my first post these issues are what we are dealing with each and everyday.

How can we start to get our bodies well and our lives back on track. Well let's start with just what we are eating on a daily basis to help or in most cases not help our bodies. We need to help our body cleanse itself, and that only happens when we get our diets right, and this in turn helps our bodies do there thing.

People's first thought is juicing, and yes this is a great way to get started, but we still need other foods that reduce the acid in our bodies. We need to get ourselves into an Alkaline state and start the healing process.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Detox.

1. Improve your appearance (who doesn't want to look better)

2. Better Health

3. Restful sleep

4. Improve mood and harmony

5. Weight loss

So I would like to start here and give some simple recommendations on just what is needed. We need to prepare ourselves and our kitchens with the right foods to help this start to work.

First and foremost go Organic whenever possible. So many studies have been done about the chemicals in our foods, and us not being able to get rid of them, so again try and eat Organic.

Next try and rid yourselves of processed and refined foods, and slowly try to reduce the amount of the meat and dairy you are consuming. Start exercising, this may be just getting outside for a walk. This allows your body to get some sunshine and get those hormones back on track. Keep a food log and write down what you are eating, and how you feel when you eat. This will give you a better understanding on which foods your body is reacting to and therefore make adjustments.

Drink more water, like stated before. We are most if not all dehydrated, so we need to keep our cells with the proper levels of water.

Try and cut down on caffeine, as this is a diuretic and takes water out of your body. Watch the processed carbs such as white breads and pastas. There are so many other options out there.

The list goes on.....

So as your Health Coach, we can work together and find ways to make you stick to your goal. Once you start to feel great again, I will guarantee that you will not want to go back to your old habits.

Please sign up for my FREE 30 minute consultation, and let's make this the year you look and feel your best.

Your Health Coach,