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"Reprogramming the Mind" Detox and the reason it is important to our overall health, a mul

The word Detox brings up many things, but really it is just another word for cleansing. The principle of a detox program is to increase the efficiency of the digestive system and to stimulate the other parts of the body that are responsible for cleansing and elimination. Detoxing works to improve underlying health issues and making you less prone to infection.

With that said, we now will go a little deeper with steps to get you started, and ways to make sure you are not doing more harm than good.

There are many ways to detox which we are going to get into, but this is something our body tries hard to do each day. So each day we are overloaded with outside toxins from the air, our food, and not to mention our daily stresses, that our bodies need time to adjust and give our cleansing organs time to do their job.

So a simple way to start without all of the fancy products out there, is to start out with simply just drinking more water. I can hear it now "That's it"!!! Well that is a simple and effective way to start. This way you are gradually getting rid of the toxins instead of unleashing them all at the same time. Remember that your body has built-up these toxins, so the slower the better.

Next will be to start eating more fresh fruit and veggies with a high water content, and try and eliminate some of the meat and dairy products that you have been consuming.

Again we don't want to go to extremes with the detox, we just want the body to be able to do it's job, and not have to fight with all of the heavy food that we are eating.

This is one of the most important ways of strengthening your bodies natural defenses and combating the daily bombardment of toxins from our diets. It will also help your body eliminate waste products and increase your bodies ability to remove the pollutants.

So this is Part One of the topic, and next time we will discuss more about diet and the changes you can make for better health.

Your Health Coach,


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