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Part One - "Reprogramming the Mind" Solutions to Health with Plant Based Nutrition.

As a Bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, I find myself sometimes in uncharted waters. I want to start out by telling you a bit about how I started and how things are now changing my perspective.

I have always been involved in some type of physical activity, from skateboarding for hours when I was in high school, to playing competitive tennis, to road cycling. As long as I can remember I have always been active and blessed to enjoy good health.

As I got older, I became a trainer at a local gym "Jack LaLanne Health Spa" and was bitten by the bodybuilding bug. I had a friend that was my mentor show me at that time how bodybuilding was done. Nothing fancy like today, just hard work and dedication. Later I got into more of the nutrition aspect and then things really began to take shape.

So that is a little about my background and now we move forward about 25 years.

Equipment and supplements are incredible and I even worked for one of the best nutritional companies called EAS. It was there that the science of supplements really took off. This place was incredible, the people and the products were in great demand, and I was using everything to get my body in top shape. Protein, supplements, and lifting at the gym occupied most my time.

Again, we move forward to today and my learning more about the body and what really makes us healthy and alive.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach as well as a Personal Trainer. This has made me look at the aspects of food as a way of keeping the body healthy, and finding out that taking all of those supplements was good at the time, but things change.

I guess as we get older, maybe we do start to see things in a different light. As I continue my findings on how foods that we eat are a direct connection to our continued good health and longevity, this gives me as a Health Coach a better way of helping you understand just how and what we eat effects everything we do each day.

I use to be the proponent of hundreds of grams of animal protein a day, and have found that a so-called way of eating has changed my way of thinking, "deprogramming" as I call it. It is called WFPB or Whole Food Plant Based nutrition. I can hear it now " You are one of those people". I am not vegan, I have just chosen to eat more plants and on occasion when I do eat animal products, I try to find local and humanely treated animals. I will get more into that aspect of eating at a later time.

This is where I came up with the term "Reprogramming the Mind" to tell you my story on how I changed my prospective, and how a Plant Based way of eating has made me feel the best I have felt - stronger, leaner more grateful for each day.

I just know that I feel incredible and am in the best shape of my life. Now don't get me wrong, I have stayed in pretty good shape, but now I just have a better state of mind and feel better about how I treat myself and others.

I am going to make this BLOG something that inspires you to finally take control of your health. As your Health Coach I want to show you different options for your well being.

If you have topics of interest please contact me at my E mail address, or my Web site and I will try to bring you what I hope are thought provoking reasons to change how you look at food and how you can take back control of your health.

Your Coach,


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