Gluten Free and Hidden Sources during the Holidays. Part 4 of the series

You will be surprised how much of the things for the Holidays are Gluten laced and problematic. I will give you a quick list of things to be careful about during this holiday season.

1. Soup - Gluten can be found in the ingredients from thick "Cream of's" to clear broths. So make sure things say Gluten Free on the label.

2. Gravy - Yep, even the things like gravy. Most are made using wheat based flour to make thicker. So try and use Coconut Flour, then add your stock.

3. Mashed Potatoes - If they are homemade then good chances they are Gluten free, but if you visit certain restaurants they use flour to thicken their mashed potatoes. Be sure to ask.

4. Cream Based Dishes - Be wary of any dish with a cream sauce because a gluten containing cream soup was probably used to make it.

5. Turkey - Unprocessed, plain turkey is gluten free. But read labels carefully. They can be marinated in something that contains gluten or injected with brine that contains gluten.

6. Imitation Turkey and Processed Meats - Many plant based faux turkey products including Tofurky Veggie Roast, and other meat substitutes are made from vital wheat gluten.

7. Scrambled Eggs and omelets - So restaurants will use pancake batter when making your scrambled eggs. This is something I had never heard before. So just make sure that things that are to be gluten free are cooked separate of other things so not to transmit gluten to your dish.

8. Some Teas - Watch for certain Holiday teas, as some have barley malt as a sweetener.

9. Alcohol - Yep.. another thing to just be aware of as most contain gluten. So opt for Rum, Vodka or Tequila.

10. Stamps and envelopes - This one really got me, as I remember the Seinfeld episode where George's girlfriend died from closing envelopes liking them. The glue can contain gluten, so use a sponge to close them instead, and problem solved.

So there you have it some tips on getting through the Holidays Gluten free.

For these and other tips or to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation, please visit my site and set up your time to talk.

Hope you all have a Safe and Happy Holiday this year.

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