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Boost Energy and Speed Recovery

As a Trainer and Health Coach I am always looking for an edge in recovery from a workout.

I have found some interesting facts that may help you with your recovery and overall health.

We all know that certain vitamins and minerals are lost during moderate to vigorous exercise so we know that we need to be diligent in getting our diet in order. This helps us get ready for the next time we are undertaking our workout programs.

A good multi vitamin is key for athletes, it can help provide some of the trace elements that are used up during exercise: B vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin C and D all provide energy.

But a few additional supplements can help take your workout to the next level.

One is D-Ribose which is a simple natural sugar made by the cells. It is very important for energy and is critical to power the heart, muscles, brain, and every other tissue in the body. This can be wonderful for athletes to enhance their strength and stamina.

Another one is L- Glutamine. It is the most abundant amino acid in the body and most is stored in the skeletal muscles. L- Glutamine helps transport nitrogen around the body, helping to neutralize the lactic acid that builds up in muscle tissue, you know that burning sensation you get when you are getting close to your last rep of your set. This is also great for our gut health and helping to keep those good microbes that keep our immune system strong.

Next are Omega 3's for the good fat the body needs. They can also help with heart, brain, and eye health, and also in helping with fighting inflammation in the body to speed up recovery.

This next one is something new - "Tart Cherries" for their antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that the tart cherry may help decrease muscle damage and loss of strength, as well as decrease inflammation and oxidative stress that is caused by intense activity

So these are just a couple of things that may help with overall health and your next exercise session.

Give some of these a try and see what you think.

Again, as a Trainer and Health Coach, I'm here to help you with your current exercise and health program.

I am available for FREE 30 minute consultations. Sign up on my web site:

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