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What Happens When You Start Eating Healthy?

Similar to what happens when you stop smoking, the moment you start eating healthy, nourishing foods, your body starts healing. Here is a snapshot of what starts happening:

  1. Within 20 minutes - You start healing your gut. On average your gut bacteria start to divide and so what you eat either feeds or starves your gut.

  2. Better Brain Function within a few hours - Ever eaten something that had a lot of sugar and you get that brain fog feeling? Proof that what you eat can negatively affect your brain by causing inflammation.

  3. Hormones Start Stabilizing withing 72 hours - Within just 3 days of not eating processed foods and eating a balanced healthy whole food diet, hormones such as cortisol and insulin start to normalize.

  4. Productivity Increases withing 2 weeks - Once adapting to a nutritious way of eating your energy can increase by 20% according to the World Health Organization.

  5. Your Skin will Look Better - If you have a skin condition or acne, you should start to see an improvement within a month of making healthier food choices.

  6. Thyroid Function Improves - According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD your estrogen and thyroid levels can get back on track after just six weeks.

  7. Aging Slows! - Your telomeres which are part of your DNA which scientists are responsible for aging are shortened with poor health choices. However withing 5 years of eating consistently healthy they have been shown to lengthen.

  8. Effortless Weight Management - Choosing to eat healthy on a daily basis by eating lots of fruits and vegetables has been shown to make it easier to manage ones weight.

To read more in depth go to Mind, Body, Green.


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