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  30 Day Wellness Program

  Yes...  It is a New Year and here we go again.  We tell ourselves we will get in the best health and it seems to never happen.  We get caught up in things and where does the time go.

At Formula One Health and Fitness we are offering the 2018

30 day wellness program.

Here is what the program includes:

          We start with a 10 day detox, and then we move into starting your program with some dietary changes based on your preferences 

           A FREE 30 minute consultation and an additional 1 hour call with me your Coach


           Training and nutritional information geared for you 


           Recipes and tips to keep you motivated


      A private Facebook group, giving you access to others in the program to keep you motivated.  I will also be answering your questions there as well 

  The price of the program like this is usually 500.00, but this will be available for just 149.00. You will be getting the best in nutritional information and motivation to make your goals a reality. 

  I look forward to all who are participating and making your 2018 the BEST year of renewed health ever. 

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